Friday Info

Remember next week is:

Monday: look alike

Tuesday: Team theme-Tacky Tourist

Wednesday:Decade Day

Thursday: Disney Character

Friday: Extreme Spirit wear

Please check Power School to see if you are missing any assignments.  They must be in before progress reports.  After that they no longer will be accepted for any credit.  Check to see if they are in your bookbag.

Have a good weekend!

Prehistoric Indian Assignment

Due-Monday, August 22-Prehistoric Indian assignment is due.  If you have any questions, check your class’ Google Classroom for the instructions and articles.


Each student may have 4 printed pictures.  That means, 4 total for the entire assignment.  You may choose to put all 4 in one Indian cultural group or have 1 picture in each cultural group.  But, only 4 pictures total for the assignment.

Power point Prehistoric Indians power point from class. Use if you still need information.  Also use the virtual book, if necessary.

Remember you are to use illustrations, drawings.  The only words should be your title (paleo, Mississippian, etc) and the dates of the cultural groups.), do not put food, house.

Be sure to be accurate with your information.  This will count as a grade.

Have a good, relaxing weekend.


News you need to know



 First Assessment-study notes on Regions and Geography of Georgia

  Spirit Wear- $1.00 you can wear jeans, spirit wear (seahawk/panther) T-shirt, college T-shirt.  Uniform shirt with jeans.

Spirit Week- our team theme is: Tacky Tourist- please remember to wear school appropriate clothing-talk with a teacher,if you are unsure of the dress code.

Spirit Week:

Monday, August 29 Look alike day

Tuesday, August 30 Team theme-Summit team-tacky tourist

Wednesday, August 31 Decade

Thursday, September 1  Disney character

Friday, September 2 CMS Extreme Spirit

New Digital Textbook!

We now have a NEW digital textbook to use!!  Georgia Studies Digital Textbook from GPB Education.

 Please write down the following information in your composition book-so you will be able to login.  Your login in will work on the iPad version as well as the web version.

 To use the web version go to: click on a unit, and you will be asked to login using your username and password.

 To use the iPad version:  If you are planning to use the iPad version, make sure you have downloaded the GPB app from the  Apple iTunes Store. Open the app, then click on the sign in button on the right hand side of the screen to login, using your username and password. Then click on each unit to download them.

Student login: user name: GAstudent

                        password: 1@azalea