End of Marking Period

If you are missing ANY work this 2nd half of the marking period (starting with the Siege of Savannah)-MAKE SURE you have it in to Ms. Eve by Wednesday, December 14th.  That is the absolute last day any missing work will be accepted.

Questions?? See me immediately!

Westward Expansion -Friday-Test

To help you prepare for the assessment tomorrow be able to respond to the following:

  1. Be able to explain what methods were used in spreading the Baptist and Methodist churches in Georgia and why were they located where they were.
  2. Which mode of transportation helped Georgia distribute goods across the state?
  3. Be able to explain how the University of Georgia was established and why.
  4. Be able to explain how the railroads were important in trade in Georgia during the 1800’s.
  5. What was the impact of the cotton gin on Georgia’s growth?
  6. Be able to explain the two methods of land distribution, give reasons why one method was fairer than the other.
  7. Identify two impacts of the Yazoo Land Fraud on Georgia and explain what they were.