Westward Expansion -Friday-Test

To help you prepare for the assessment tomorrow be able to respond to the following:

  1. Be able to explain what methods were used in spreading the Baptist and Methodist churches in Georgia and why were they located where they were.
  2. Which mode of transportation helped Georgia distribute goods across the state?
  3. Be able to explain how the University of Georgia was established and why.
  4. Be able to explain how the railroads were important in trade in Georgia during the 1800’s.
  5. What was the impact of the cotton gin on Georgia’s growth?
  6. Be able to explain the two methods of land distribution, give reasons why one method was fairer than the other.
  7. Identify two impacts of the Yazoo Land Fraud on Georgia and explain what they were.

Distributing Land in Georgia

Land distribution activity directions

 Headright System Article

Yazoo Land Fraud Article

Yazoo Land map

Land Lottery Article

Example of assignment

Above are the directions for the booklets we worked on in class today.  If you did not finish use the information below to complete.  Finish products are due on Monday.

On the back of your flip book respond in complete sentences to the following:

1. Which method of land distribution do you fell was the fairest and why?

2. Yazoo Land Fraud: respond in sentences to the following questions

a. What happened to Georgia  as a result of the fraud? (punishment) hint 2 things

b. What did the government agree to do for Georgia as a result of the Yazoo Land Fraud?

also you should use the following pages in your textbook to help you complete this assignment.

Headright system: page 138

Yazoo land fraud: pages 139-140

Land lotteries: page 142



Brain POP: French and Indian War

Watch the following video on the French and Indian War

Brain POP: French and Indian War

 Brain POP:  Login: Coastal MYP                                                        Password: panther

Take the quiz, (Graded quiz only) you can either email it to me, print, or take a screen shot of your score,  It is due tomorrow,Tuesday, October 18th

Continue to work on your DBQ- they will be due at the end of the week.